Catalog Photography

Silver & Sage is a yoga inspired jewelry company located in Scottsdale Arizona.  Read below as Phoenix commercial photographer Jason Koster shares his approach to catalog photography with on and off figure product photography.

Phoenix commercial photographer Jason Koster talks about producing catalog photography & product photography on location with Silver & Sage Jewelry.

Phoenix Catalog Photographer Shooting to crop

The first few shoots with Silver & Sage were in remote locations so as a Phoenix catalog photographer I chose to shoot to an iPad.  It was great for the client and stylist to see the images as I was shooting.  As my clients business grew her marketing needs got more specific.  Now we needed the tools that come with shooting to a computer.  My client was able to have an exact crop or layout on screen and could confirm the images were gonna fit for their intended use.  This also kept us from spending more time on a shot than we need to.  The stylist also gets a better idea of how the images were gonna be used which sometimes affected her styling.  If some of the images in this gallery seem off balance it’s because I was leaving room for my clients copy.

A great team makes the day go smooth but, a great stylist is key.  It was always a pleasure working with long time friend Abby Ripes.  She was in tune with the client’s vision and always had plenty of props and wardrobe options to work with.  Having a stylist viewing the images as they come is so valuable.  Abby was in constant communication with the client about the product and it is great to have eyes on the models wardrobe. Wardrobe almost always needs to be modified for photos.

No Time for Niceties

I never find it rude when the stylist jumps into the shot. If the product or wardrobe is not correct then we can’t use the shot anyways.  Love knowing my stylist is looking out for everyones best interest.  I have quite a few images of Abby jumping into frame.  I like this one because you can see how detail minded she is.

Jewelry photography Phoenix commercial photographer product photographer lifestyle photographer still life photographer on figure on location diary Phoenix photographer Jason Koster stylist

Stylist Abby Ripes hard at work making us all look good!

A professional model is not always the best solution when working with such an organic product as yoga inspired jewelry.  Models tend to look great for slick advertising shoots but my client was looking for something more down to Earth and natural feeling.   The Silver & Sage models are yoga teachers and life coaches so they are use to be in the spotlight.  All they needed was a little direction & coaching and our shots began to flow naturally and easily.

The Technical Side of being a Phoenix catalog photographer

When photographing products it’s important to create images the viewer knows exactly what they are suppose to be looking at. I achieve this through focus and composition. Creating good light for the model as well as the product is also important. When working outside I would use a combination of sunlight modifies so the sunlight looked bright and fresh instead of harsh.

Still life images on location it gets a little more complicated.  The sun is always moving.  Clouds come and go. Wind is usually not your friend.  Not to mention the sky turns into a big blue light source.  Still life images are also usually prop heavy so being in a controlled indoor environment is helpful. Jewelry still life images are often times working in a slightly macro world so some experience in that area is helpful.

Again, shooting tethered to a computer lets the client check for layout compatibility and the stylist is able to review minute changes. It always feels great getting the shot dialed.  In these product situations consistency in the color of light is very important. I have devised a system to ensure color accuracy before we shoot final images so my clients products look the way they are suppose to.  I feel like a creative technician.

Written by Jason Koster a Phoenix commercial photographer, a Phoenix catalog photographer.