Vintage Motorcycles

In other words, anything vintage is candy for photographers, especially a vintage motorcycle or car.

Vintage motorcycles while on the road

However, my travels for commercial photography take me to some pretty fun places.  Luckily, while on a shoot in Alabama I stopped in the Barber vintage motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.   Amazingly, it was five floors of wall to wall history.  You don’t even have to be a motorcycle fan to enjoy such an impressive collection.

In my editorial photography gallery I have an image that is a collection of vintage car emblems. They get a bit overwhelming when shown individually so I figured it would be best to show a small sampling as a collage. I shot those in Detroit at an event called the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Not a situation where you could photograph an entire car without it looking like I tourist photo.  I knew with the technique I was using I could at least get more mileage out of the emblems.  Pun intended.  The vintage motorcycle museum was pretty much the same situation.  I shot these with my phone so… Certainly not portfolio work and not quite art. I consider these more along the lines of neat …and I am ok with that.

Professional about vintage motorcycles

As a professional it is difficult to allow myself to ‘play’ with photography sometimes but, I have learned to recognize a situation and just go with it. Not every image is a portfolio piece.  I probably still put more into a recreational photo than most people. lol  This certainly supports my theory that part of a successful image is an interesting subject.  The history in these vintage motorcycle designs is more than interesting.   Enjoy!

I am certainly no expert when it comes to a vintage motorcycle but, here are some links with more info: