Cherry picker in the street


Cherry picker in the street. No need for guide wires. We just ramp up the ISO.

ISO can save your butt when you have the road closed off. You’re in a ‘cherry picker’ in the middle of the street and your files just aren’t sharp enough. As I was shooting this vertical panoramic I noticed there was something different about the set. I guess I hadn’t worked with a cherry picker in a while. Usually we would have guide wires secured to vehicles to stabilize the lift. When shooting film we couldn’t just decide to ramp up the ISO in order to shorten the exposure so we had to stabilize the lift. Hurray for the advancement in technology! Here is a link to where I buy my film. B&H.

According to the powers, we need to spend a little more time talking about ISO. However, I feel like I have told most of my story. For instance, it’s nice to crank the ISO in the middle of a shoot when needed. Back in the day, you couldn’t just change ISO speed in the middle of the roll of film. I’m just gonna ramble on quietly now. Steve Craft you better not be looking! 300 words is a lot. How about a few more small sentences? In other words, keep talking. For instance, talk more about ISO. Above all, simplicity is important when writing a blog. It is also a good key to life. Similarly, the kiss rule often applies. In conclusion, the conclusion is near. Oops, doesn’t seem to be as near as I had hoped. One more cup of coffee and I would reach that 300 mark in no time. How about that local sports team? The Arizona baseball team is a 500 team at best. It’s hard to watch sometimes. On the other hand, the Cardinals look to be rather entertaining again. The end.

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